Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Demo (Just In Time for TTTAXES)

Things that make me happy right now:

1.) $5 copy of Art Spiegelman's MAUS

2.) Louis Wain (he's the dead guy that painted the lovely, psych-cats in front of you... I've never had the desire to get a tattoo until seeing some of his work — don't worry, I'm too much of a pussy for that )

3.) Easter card from my mom.

4.) Grouper

5.) New comics to share...

6.) "Remade Horizon"

7.) Getting to work on new music — see below.

Have fun — song's tentatively called "Lazarus." Don't ask why, please.

Download me: CLICK!

take pear and pizza out,

p.s. don't forget to do those taxes, you crazy kitties, you.

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