Sunday, April 19, 2009

Full Album Stream

The kind gentleman from KC's the record machine are currently streaming the album in it's entirety, for a time.

It's to be officially released JUNE 16th.

There. Now you have a date.

Row, row, row your boats, children...

Link: Click this button right here... no, right here. that's it.

Or enter this punk:


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Demo (Just In Time for TTTAXES)

Things that make me happy right now:

1.) $5 copy of Art Spiegelman's MAUS

2.) Louis Wain (he's the dead guy that painted the lovely, psych-cats in front of you... I've never had the desire to get a tattoo until seeing some of his work — don't worry, I'm too much of a pussy for that )

3.) Easter card from my mom.

4.) Grouper

5.) New comics to share...

6.) "Remade Horizon"

7.) Getting to work on new music — see below.

Have fun — song's tentatively called "Lazarus." Don't ask why, please.

Download me: CLICK!

take pear and pizza out,

p.s. don't forget to do those taxes, you crazy kitties, you.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Back in Ohio

So I just spent twelve hours riding a greyhound.

The first four hours were nightmarish — an overstuffed 3:45 AM bus from Nashville to Kentucky in which the toilet overflowed. I didn't have room to store my guitar, so I had to stay awake and move it whenever someone needed to pass through the aisle. Pretty wretched... but I quickly learned the importance of getting on board early.

The last few bus trips — Louisville to Cincinnati to Columbus to Mansfield were surprisingly pleasant! I talked to a very kind older lady who was familiar with Ann Arbor, Nashville and Grand Rapids. She was going to visit her son Jonathan in Ohio because he was very ill. She was a very sweet person and I gave her a CD because she said she wanted to listen to it. Some fascinating people at Greyhound stations... To say the very least.

Here I am now in good ol' Manfield, OH. Well, definitely old — good? It has it's moments.

For instance, the first thing I heard upon arrival at the greyhound station was "With Arms Wide Open" by, according to Mansfield radio station MIX 106, THE Creed.

It was a very Mansfield, OH moment.

Went to Athens Greek Restaurant and munched on some delicious falafel, fries and baklava — cheap and delicious.

My good friend Jon Thompson, who's responsible for recording, engineering and playing on the perhapsy album, picked me up and we're getting stuff together for a performance in Grand Rapids. It should be very exciting and fun to see some best friends there and share some food and music.

So, that's about it...

If you haven't heard of him, check out the artwork of Louis Wain — really incredible.

This post was boring. Sorry.