Sunday, December 21, 2008

Welcome... strangeness to follow


This is the first blog post of the new perhapsy/Derek Barber blog.


Because myspace isn't the worst place to blog/share ideas/share song demos, etc. — but it's definitely not the best — I've resorted to yet another form of internet communication.

Being the first installment, I'd like to share some of the music projects I've been working on recently (i.e. the last three months or so). 

First, here are two remixes I did — one for some friends in an Ann Arbor band called Mason Proper and one for... um, Radiohead. 

Because limitations on resources can often prove to be inspiring, the Mason Proper remix was attempted with the notion of using only the original stems.
The Radiohead remix, however, was done in the opposite manner... lots of guitar overdubs, etc. — Also, this remix features John Vanderslice reading a segment from Joe Wenderoth's "Letters to Wendy's" via Daytrotter's Bookery.

Several other demos (potentially new perhapsy songs) are brewing, and, yes, I will share them with you. Thanks for asking.

So stay tuned... it's going to get awkward.

"Reckoner (Perhapsy Remix)" by Radiohead Download

"Safe for the Time Being (Perhapsy Remix)" by Mason Proper


  1. bang-a-rang!

    maybe this will inspire me to update my blog.

    I just got my wisdom teeth out. I'll call you in a couple days, or whenever my mouth stops bleeding.


  2. Hey Friend!

    So... I'm sitting in my living room and my roommates pseudo-boyfriend just came over and brought a movie... none other than... Mulholland Drive! Made me think of you... enjoy your Holidays, my friend! We must catch up soon. Give my love to your family! Happy Blogging!

    Miss you,