Sunday, March 15, 2009


Inspiration is a tricky thing.

Had a bit of it today. The result? Another garageband demo.

Mucho improvisio on this one.

Enjoy: click right here


p.s. extra credit if you guess the sample... ;(

Monday, March 2, 2009

ffm updated -- i's patting meself on ze back.

Hey guys,

Me again.

Some more good news to share: I ended up placing in the top 5 of Calvin College's FFM Bandspotting. Which, apparently, means two perhapsy songs will be featured on a whole bunch of CD's distributed to attendees of the festival.

I've always been a fan of the festival (I even wrote about my experiences for the Michigan Daily back when I was in school at UM: here )

I'm told Asthmatic Kitty boss-guy Michael Kaufmann and Andy Whitman of Paste magazine were the two gents put in charge of judging the entries. They had these kind words to say:

"From an instrumental standpoint, this is the most impressive music I heard in the whole batch of songs in the final list. There’s some seriously great guitar work here. Both “Bow Song” and “The Elephant Vanishes” feature an intriguing mix of electronica collage and sweet fingerpicking. It reminds me of some of the early Windham Hill music, back when “New Age” was not a derogatory musical category, and the music actually had some substance. Wonderful, lovely, and engaging

Awfully kind.

Here's a link:

Anyhow, haven't decided if I have the funds to attend or not, but if you end up going to the festival, I hope it's as good as the last few years.


p.s. i'm currently in san francisco visiting my mom and was treated to some banging steamed artichokes... don't get much better than steamed artichokes.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Comix, etc.

So, it's been a while.

Apologies to anyone who cares.

For the obvious reasons, I've been pretty busy with work, music, writing and whatnot. Since my last post, I had some stuff published on Dusted and Stereo Subversion — because I do that sort of thing.

In other minor accomplishments, at the persistent encouragement of a friend, I recently submitted some music to Calvin College's FFM deally. Apparently, I've made it into the top ten peeps along with some old friends (Deastro and Aaron Roche). Hot potatoes... If you want, check out the submissions here (some really good ones including my great friend Charlene Kaye and breathe owl breathe — my favorite band from Michigan).

After some delay, the art for the perhapsy album is coming along well. Things should be ready for early May... I think itunes should have that stuff, but yeah... No more procrastination is the goal...

But enough about that shizzz, on to a subject everyone loves: homemade comics.

Well, maybe not everyone. Either way, I've been drawing a whole lot lately and am happy to share some of the randomness and resulting crazies. A good deal is meant to be humorous, but some of it's personal stuff, so, apologies if I offend.

Take a gander: here

best regards,

p.s. happy march.